What to Do If Your Braces Cause Discomfort

Once you get used to braces, they’re hardly noticeable, save for some temporary soreness after each adjustment. However, it’s possible that something could poke or prod you, especially if you eat something that might break the delicate wires. When you suspect something’s off about your braces, act fast to minimize your discomfort.

Talk to a Specialist

Get in touch with a family dentistry practice that specializes in orthodontics. It’s always better to schedule an appointment to have an expert look at it than to suffer through discomfort. If you leave your braces alone, it’s possible a loose wire or bracket could cause ulcers and cuts on your inner cheeks and gums.

Temporary Relief

Until you’re able to see the specialist, put dental wax over the parts of the braces causing discomfort. If it’s a wire that’s protruding, you can even put use a clean pencil eraser to gently push the wire back so it’s no longer poking you. Rinsing with salt water and applying Orabase on ulcers forming as a result of the braces can also ease pain.

Everyone who wears braces experiences some discomfort at some point or another. Take care of it quickly, and you’ll soon feel relief.