Don’t Let Hearing Loss Control Your Social Relationships

Most of the time hearing loss is subtle and is not recognized immediately by the patient. It can be social situations that alert the individual to the fact that they may need to get checked out for hearing loss. Not all hearing loss is because of a sudden incident such as trauma that causes permanent loss, and it can often come with age, or through other avenues such as a medical history of it within the family. There are several different indicators that you are suffering from hearing loss, including:

  • You require people to repeat themselves frequently,
  • You cannot follow a conversation that has more than two people talking at once,
  • Your radio or television volume must be high,
  • You read lips,
  • You’re afraid to meet new people for fear of not understanding them,
  • Your family has a history of hearing loss,
  • You have been exposed to loud sounds all your life.

A lot of these symptoms can be easily seen when talking to others in social situations. In addition to the above, you can also feel stress when talking to others, or nervous due to a lack of understanding them. Plus, if you are diabetic or have heart issues, you can also be susceptible to hearing loss.

There are many different types of modern hearing aids that you can get ranging from a full shell that is the largest in-ear hearing aid. This type of hearing aid fills in the entire ear section, but it is super easy to remove and operate. You can also get a canal hearing aid which fills only the canal portion of the ear, and it is less noticeable than the full shell. Finally, the CIC is the smallest form factor that you can get, and is extremely difficult to see when in the ear. Each of these types of models have their advantages, and finding one that is comfortable to wear will be determined when fitted.